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I Wonder...

I've put out a bunch of content I'm proud of this week so todays may be a little light. I have actually been busy writing for the last hour or so though. For someone else's project instead of this! Weird isn't it?!

A very good friend of mine is putting together a book for a uni project about the assumptions we all make when just looking at someone briefly.

It isn't intended to be judgemental of doing so, but just to shed some light and maybe, hopefully, get people to think a little more before casting judgements.

I really liked the idea of the project so I volunteered to be one of the example people used.

The idea is that you look at a picture of someone and write down what you think about them from just that image. Then on the following page you see some other examples of assumptions others have made in the past as well as a biography of the subject. From there you can see how much your presumptions line up with the truth about the person.

I thought I might be quite an interesting candidate, given everything going on in my life at the moment. Writing out my bio, some example assumptions and some previously assumed things, both true and false, was quite an exercise. It makes you look inward, more than I normally would, but I enjoyed doing it and really hope that the other subjects put as much or more thought and effort in.

It wasn't something that came naturally to me though, I genuinely don't give a fuck what ninety five percent of people think about me. Spending some time considering it was very different for me, I feel sorry for people that can't help but worry about that stuff.

I'd love to share what I wrote, but I'll save that for when the finish product is done and then I can plug it as another post!

Anyway, I had a great night in London at a Rev Pro show last night and have another one to go to tomorrow night in town. Ed should be getting here soon too, so we'll probably get a bit drunk, play some Netrunner and chat shit. If you haven't already go read the post immediately proceeding this one!

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