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R(ED)volition Pro Wrestling

I was planning on writing about the second episode of Life is Strange 2 today but I still haven’t gotten around to playing any more than five minutes of it.

So instead I’ll briefly talk about what a fun day today was!

It’s been really cool hanging out with Ed more frequently these last couple of months. I think we have more in that amount of time than in the previous couple of years, he’s very much using my spare room as his whenever he’s around. When we were both up and about we played another game of Netrunner, I feel like we’re getting close to the end of that campaign. Having essentially a ‘story mode’ for what is normally just a competitive card game has been really fun and adds more flavour to it.

We couldn’t decide between getting tacos or burgers for lunch but the latter won out when we saw they also had a new special on the menu. 7Bone have the best burgers and it turns out their chicken and hash browns are good too!

After way too much food we had a few hours to kill before the wrestling show started. What do people do in town when they have no agenda?! We all used to do it as kids but it was weird. We popped into FP to see Teesh and look at games but then we went and hung out at the bar around the corner, Heartbreakers. I’d heard of the place but hadn’t been yet. It was really cool, I’ll happily go back.

This was Ed’s first ever live wrestling event. He doesn’t follow it at all but has seen some bits and bobs when he’s been staying at mine and after watching the show WWE put on during halftime of the super bowl with Mitchell, Emma and me he said he’d be up for coming to an event with us.

It was a really fun show, it was quite quiet, definitely not a sell out, so considering it’s only a small venue anyway it made it feel very intimate. It also meant that every silly chant we started seemed to catch on quick. I even managed to get a few character breaking chuckles out one of the performers at one point.

Halfway through the show I turn around to see where Ed is and find he’s just casually having a chat with one of the bigger names on the card, who had wrestled earlier in the night! And after the show when I was introducing Emma to one of the guys I know who actually works for Rev Pro, I again notice Ed talking away to the ring announcer. He fit right in to the scene.

I’m not sure he’d be ready for one of the York Hall shows yet, but the smaller shows down here I think he’ll be game for every time now.

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