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Burger Time Again

This is going to be another totally skippable post, but I just wanted to get back on track instead of being a day behind.

Went for dinner with my mum and Paul this evening which was nice. It was fun hearing about the fancy pants cruise they went on.

They were dead set on checking out a burger place in Hythe. I'd been there when they first opened up and, while the food was okay, I wasn't particularly impressed. That was a couple of years ago now though so I was willing to give it another shot. It's pretty much exactly as it was before. Decent enough food but nothing I'd get excited for. They really enjoyed it though, so that's what matters.

I've been enjoying chilling out the rest of this evening. I watched a few videos from a gig on Saturday that looked like so much fun. Every year for the past seven a friend of mine from Portsmouth has been putting together the 'St. Valentines Day Massacre' at the Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea. It's an event put on to raise money for Youth Music in the city, they gather a bunch of local bands who all get dressed up and cover a few love songs each, often butchering them, sometimes even intentionally.

It seems to grow in size and ridiculousness every year. I'm disappointed I've not been able to get to it ever, but I really want to next year!

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