• James Hewlett

It's Monday and I'm Tired Already

I really am drawing a blank of what to write about! It sucks. I felt so productive last week, I had every day planned out and now I’m just staring at nothingness for this week.

With that said I am actually busy every evening, which is kind of cool but also exhausting to think about.

Tonight I had drinks with someone and ended up splitting a pizza. It was really nice. Not just the pizza or drinks, but the company.

Tomorrow my mum and Paul are coming over for dinner, I haven’t seen them in a little while so it’ll be nice to catch up and hear about their posho holiday they went on.

Wednesday I’m meeting up with Bart from the brew house, I had to kick him out of the fantasy football league to even up the numbers, he had no idea of what was going on and I felt a little bad. He’s good people though so I want to catch up with him.

Thursday, presumably though I’ve not heard anything for sure, Sara is coming to get a bunch of her stuff. I’ve filled about three boxes so far, hopefully a few more before then. If that doesn’t happen I might try and make other plans.

Friday I’m out again in the evening.

I’m super glad I don’t have anything planned for the weekend. I think I’m just going to chill out and sleep.

What a boring post. I’ll try and think of some good stuff to write for later in the week. Got any suggestions though? Send them my way.

I have a bunch of shows to watch then write about, just no time to watch them!

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