• James Hewlett

Getting It Done

I wanted to get yesterday’s post about regret out before today as I knew I might be feeling a bit... raw? And not necessarily be feeling exactly like that tonight. I wanted to have it published for the selfish reason of being able to look at it, read my own words and see how I feel when I’m in a good and rational place.

Sara came over this evening. Scheduling it was tough due to intermittent communication but it needed to get done.

It actually went pretty fine. We mostly talked about all the logistical stuff in regards to her coming off the tenancy agreement and the dividing up of possessions. It was all very civil, amicable and sort of friendly. I was relieved we could have those sorts of discussions. There’s going to be bits and bobs we need to discuss further, for sure, but most major things we know how we’re dividing.

We did talk about other things too, how things were handled, how we’re each doing now, what the next steps are going forward. We both have always had an innate ability to wander off topic into more trivial stuff but every time I caught myself doing it I bought it back to the point at hand.

Overall it went alright. It could have been a lot worse. I’m glad to have got it done and move on past it. I’m really looking forward to this weekend.

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