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I could so easily ramble on about how much of an awesome day I had today, but I’m not going to. Just wanted to say that it was and I look forward to many more fun days like it.

So what should I write about then?

Okay, how about something silly, nerdy and fun that most people reading this probably have no idea about.

gen:LOCK is the latest animated series from Rooster Teeth and definitely their most ambitious to date.

I was in the room at RTX 2017 when they first announced they were developing a sci-fi, mecha based anime and while I’ve always appreciated their other anime series, Rwby, I never really got hooked into that world like a lot of other people did.

The style and tone of gen:LOCK seemed interesting though so I was looking forward to checking it out when it was released.

All news on the project went quiet for months after that announcement and a lot of people in the community thought it had stalled in development or had been cancelled. Boy were they wrong. In that time the animation team at RT, led by Gray Haddock, had been making a lot of big moves and pitching the show to higher tier talent than they’ve ever worked with before.

It was announced that Creed, Black Panther and Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan would be voicing the lead character and his production company would be working along side RT Animation to help bring a higher budget and polish to the show.

A lot of in house talent were announced in voice roles in the following weeks then then over the course of the rest of 2018 more big named stars were attaches to the show such as, Dakota Fanning, David Tennant and Maisie Williams.

It was clear this was going to be the most ambitious and expensive project the Austin based studio had ever produced.

I just finished watching the sixth episode, which released today exclusively on the RT First svod platform, and I can happily say the show has me hooked.

From the outside it looks like a big dumb action series with giant robot mechas fighting even bigger giant robots, and there is a lot of that in there, but each of the lead characters are really well defined and have interesting stories that deepen the world and your connection to them.

The world building itself is being done in a very cleaver way too; we know from the first episode that America at least is in the midst of an insurrection and we follow the ‘Vanguard’ military unit trying desperately to hold the line against the the invading ‘Union’ but so far we don’t know what The Unions motives are.

Ed bought up a great point when watching the first couple of episodes recently, more often than not when you have a story like this the protagonists are part of the smaller, rag tag rebel force fighting against the oppressive militaristic authority. gen:LOCK has flipped this, and while it’s not completely unheard of, it is refreshing.

It’s still too early to pass complete judgement on the show, but I can’t wait to carry on watching it and I have faith that Gray and his team, working in the shadow of what the late Monty Oum created in the Rooster Teeth Animation studio, will continue to knock it out of the park and this will be a show that will become a much bigger success than it already is.

Completely unsolicited plug: if you want to check out gen:LOCK the first episode is available for free for everyone at roosterteeth.com and of you like it, sign up for a seven day free trial to First and binge the rest, along with all the other amazing content each of the channels under RT put out every single day.

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