• James Hewlett

Week. End.

Another week I was going write about season two, episode two of Life Is Strange and another week I’ve ended up being so busy that I haven’t had a chance to play it!

Tonight though, just for a change, I’m at another indie wrestling with Mitchell and Emma. Total last minute thing, I didn’t even know about it until lunch time yesterday. This one is a charity event in a hotel conference room in town, very small and very family friendly. It’s cheesy as hell, but still a bit of fun with the right people. Thankfully M&Em are the perfect people to come to this sort of thing with.

Mitchell has also been doing a bit of work for his uni course during the event, getting some footage and interviews all while Emma is snapping pictures. It’s great they’ve been able to work a passion into useful project work.

As it’s a Sunday show it’ll finish fairly early. Not sure yet what I’m doing after, but what ever it is it should be fun!

Edit. After the show was awesome and a perfect end to a brilliant weekend. I really wish it wasn’t Monday tomorrow… back to normal.

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