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I said at the start of the year one of my goals for the year was to get involved with a new D&D or RPG group.

I really loved playing when Kez ran a game before leaving for Asia but I haven’t played in the nearly two years since.

There’s something uniquely fun about hanging out with a group, a few of which at least are often strangers to begin with, and jumping into a narrative game where you each control the progression of the story.

I love board games, obviously, and through that hobby I’ve discovered that it is the social aspect as much as the games themselves that I enjoy. D&D is the epitome of this.

I’ve been hoping that Emma would get a game together as I know she’s got some fun ideas, but she’s been extremely busy since going back to uni and hasn’t had a chance.

I’ve been added to the group with friends who continued playing separate campaigns after Kez left, but organising a game with them seems difficult as everyone is working lots.

Thankfully Ed is super enthusiastic to start playing more. He already runs one D&D group with friends local to him but he wants to start another RPG group using Fantasy Flight Games ‘Genysis’ system.

This core rule book is designed without a set theme in mind and allows the person running the game to craft whatever type of story and setting they choose.

He has already started work on a particular theme he wants to play in and has many other ideas for potential future games as well.

The mechanics are the same as those in FFG’s Star Wars roleplaying games, which we’ve both dabbled in previously. So the plan is that we’ll run one of the pre-written adventures for that so that everyone can get to grips with the system.

The group he’s put together is spread across the country and while individuals may have met, we’ve never all been in the same place at the same time.

Ed is working on setting up a Discord group for us, apparently it’s a good web service for this kind of thing, it’s like Skype but has plug-ins that allow for maps, dice rolling and other game elements.

Everyone in the group has some roleplaying experience but mostly just in fifth edition D&D. I think I may be the only one of the group who has used FFG’s ‘narrative dice’ style before, and that’s been a while!

Playing a published adventure first should be a good way to get everyone used to it.

I’m excited to get back into a regular gaming group. I’ve been trying to organise a board game night for a while now but getting more than two people free on any given evening is nearly impossible!

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