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Board Gaming

It’s been a couple of really good days for board gaming! Yesterday evening I went out and checked out the board game cafe in town, it’s been there for a few years now but I’ve never been! Kind of silly of me really. It’s good fun, not the flashiest one I’ve been to or anything, but with the space they’ve got they do a good job and they do have a good selection of games.

We didn’t fancy diving into anything too heavy so we just played a couple of fun lighter games. I had a really nice time and look forward to going back some time. It was really busy too with lots of different people playing a variety of games! I was super impressed by that.

This evening I was going to have Rutter & Liv come to mine to play some stuff and maybe try and seeing if I can nail that pancake recipe... but they offered me enchiladas so I went to them instead. I’m easily persuaded by Mexican food apparently.

Rutter said he fancied Pandemic so I took over my copy with the On The Brink expansion and we played the Bio-Terrorist variant of that. I know the basic game so well at this point that I try and just sit back and let other people lead when I play it but playing with some of the expansions added rules and modules is fun as I’ve done way less of that. Rutter was the bad guy but Liv and I managed to win by the skin of our teeth.

After that we played the Total Rickall Rick & Morty card game which I was amazed at how much I enjoyed. I was kind of expecting just a cheap licensed cash in but it was super fun and captured the spirit of that episode of the show perfectly.

It’s been too long since playing Gloomhaven, when Ed is down next I’d really like to get back into that, if we can get Rutter and Liv round at the same time it would be good too as they’ve played it once and seemed to like it. If not we’ll see if anyone else fancies joining our little crew.

I really want to get a more regular board game night going. There’s so much good stuff to play. My plan is to teach Dead of Winter to a few other friends and if anyone particularly likes it pencil them in to play through Gen7 with me as it uses a lot of similar concepts and gameplay elements.

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