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Quick Hits #Whatevernumber

I’ve not got anything in particular to write about today so I’m going to do a quick hits, I haven’t done one of them in ages.

It’s exactly a month until my birthday. I’ve started thinking about what I’d like to do; I haven’t planned my own birthday in a long time and generally am pretty good with not doing anything. This year though I feel like it would be nice to see friends and do something fun. If a few people are up for it I’d love to do the Alcatraz themed escape room in town then maybe get some drinks afterwards. Or just get a bunch of people over to play some board games, never going to say no to that. That’d be good for the Saturday. On my actual birthday going for some tasty food, either burgers or barbecue or something very indulgent like that would be fun during the day followed by tasty beers before heading home, with whoever wants to join me, to watch Wrestlemania through the night into the early hours of the Monday. I’m glad I have that day off work!

The trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones dropped the other day... man I’m excited for that! I’m going to rewatch season seven in prep for it I think.

Speaking of things to watch, I might finally check out Into The Spider-Verse tonight, if I do I’ll probably write about at the weekend.

Tonight is the first night in, with nothing going on, that I’ve had in what feels like ages! I’ve had food sat in my fridge waiting to be eaten for over a week. I quite like doing nothing sometimes but it honestly feels strange, I’ve been busy with fun stuff so much recently. I want to play some games and watch stuff but I know I’m inevitably going to pass out on the sofa really early.

I was bummed out to hear that Tomasso Ciampa, one of the most entertaining wrestlers working at the moment, is going to be out with an injury and needs some fairly major neck surgery. I wrote about the #DIY storyline between him and Johnny Gargano last year and that has had many more fun twists and turns since. After doing their own thing but still in each other’s orbits for a while they temporarily reformed their team only for it to collapse in on itself again shortly thereafter. It seemed as though they were all set to cap off over two years of brilliant (by professional wrestling standards) storytelling with a match Wrestlemania weekend but with Ciampa out they’re going to have to rework it. Such a shame, but it’s part of that business.

I’m going to go play the next chapter in the Arkham Horror card game campaign I’m going through at the moment now. That was a few smatterings of things for you.

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