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Cleaning Out My Attic

Sara’s coming over this evening to clear out some more of her stuff from the house. She needs to get the stuff that’s up in the loft down and since it’s been me over the years who has put most of it up there it’ll be easier for me to pull it down. I also wanted to be around to do it so I can have a bit of a sort out while I’m up there too.

There’s really not too much of her stuff left in other parts of the house. The furniture bits that she’s having are still around, I think the plan is for them to go next week sometime. Other than that it’s only a few boxes worth of smaller bits.

I’ve already started thinking in my head how I’m going to slightly reconfigure certain bits in some rooms. Freshening it up a bit will be good I think.

Biggest thing for me at the moment, house-wise, is getting the remaining pieces of cool art work I have framed and up. There’s a few blank walls where things used to be and I’d like to get stuff there.

I’ve got pieces that have been in tubes or other protective cases for years now, they’re just awkward sizes and need custom frames, that’s never cheap.

I wrote all that earlier and am just posting this now and figured I should add a little more and say that it actually went pretty well. No weirdness, Sara is just packing stuff up now, we've got everything out of the loft and into the spare room. Anything she can't fit in her car today will be going next week when she's renting a van to come and take the last stuff and furniture.

I'm glad we're both in a place that we can just get on with stuff like this without any horribleness. It makes it all a lot easier.

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