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Arkham Horror

I’ve had a pretty good weekend, I can’t figure out if I feel like I’ve done a lot or a little. I think that probably means it’s somewhere in the middle. That’s no bad thing!

This afternoon I played though the next scenario of Arkham Horror The Card Game and got my ass kicked!

Normally, you lose a game and you say or think to yourself, “Well, shit, I guess I’ll restart and go again.”

That’s not the case with this game though! While it isn’t a legacy game or anything, the design of it is such that you play through scenarios in a story cycle, think of it like a television season.

Each cycle starts with a deluxe expansion that comes with the first two scenarios and a bunch of cards for both players and then enemies you’ll face throughout the cycle, and that is then followed up with ‘mythos packs’ which add the next scenario, new player cards or upgraded versions and additional, scenario specific enemies.

The game feels so diverse each time you play which is surprising for a card game. This is due mostly to the way it adapts to the story they’re telling throughout the cycle.

For instance, the previous game I played was set inside of Arkham Asylum, lots of narrow hallways with one door in and out of patients wards, creeping horror and occasional enemies to fight, but most of the ‘mythos deck’ (bad guy cards) was populated with not actual adversaries but more psychological horrors or challenges to hinder my character.

The juxtaposition between that and the game I played this afternoon is striking. The story took my investigator across the Atlantic to Paris, where I was wandering around the streets and hopping on the metro looking for clues, everything was a lot more open to me but there was unease all around as every location described eyes looming from rooftops and around corners only to vanish when I would their way. This went on for a while and I though I was doing quite well until I got stuck in one place due to a series of bad cards and then quickly got pinned in by the very creatures who had been lurking in the shadows!

It didn’t end well, but instead of scrubbing and restarting the game encourages you to continue on. There are different outcomes written for each scenario and the story progresses accordingly.

The writing itself is almost as much a part of the game as the cards. There is so much flavour text in every aspect of the game that you can quickly become immersed in the world and setting laid out in front of you.

I am really enjoying this game and glad that it seems to have taken off to the point that Fantasy Flight will continue to support it for years to come

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