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Lock In

When I finished reading/listening to New York 2140 I thought, great perfect timing, the next book in The Expanse is out at the end of the month and I’m very excited for it. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get into anything too long so looking through my audible library I found one that was about ten hours.

Lock In by John Scalzi is a near future sci-fi detective story. It follows two FBI agents trying to solve a puzzling series of murders. Political intrigue ensues, corporate corruption, exciting action, witty banter... all good stuff. The really interesting hook is that in this future about a third of the world’s population has been infected with a disease and a portion of those afflicted suffer from what is known as, ‘lock-in’ in which the person is fully cognisant in their mind but trapped without any physical or motor functions at all.

Technologies have been developed for these people suffering from what becomes known as ‘Hayden’s Syndrome’ to neurologically link their mind to a robotic body in order live their lives. That tech has also been adapted to allow certain people who have suffered from the disease but were never ‘locked-in’ to allow their brains to be linked and their body to act as a surrogate for hire.

You can see how a murder mystery might be interesting given these circumstances, especially when one of the investigating agents is himself, a Hayden.

I thought the book would last me until closer to the release of Tiamat’s Wrath but, nope, I was hooked and blasted through it in a week, including the bonus novella with a very World War Z like history of the disease that was included with the audiobook.

I’m now stuck not wanting to start anything new as I won’t get through it before the twenty sixth, so I’m listening to The Two Towers. I went through Fellowship last year when I was in a similar position and it’s good, because I’ve read Lord of the Rings a couple of times and know the story well I don’t mind putting it on hold while halfway through if something new crops up.

That’s what I’ve been reading! I’ve had a few recommendations for new stuff to check out recently but if you have anything you think I should read please send me a message, I’m always looking for more to add to my list.

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