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Getting The Band Back Together

I’m catching up with some friends tonight, so yes, I am back a Brewdog less than forty eight hours after last being here. I had fun on Saturday when I was waiting for my car, just hanging out with Teesh and Phil at the shop. It really felt like old times except we’re all nearly ten years older and… wiser? Lets just say we’ve all changed quite a lot. No even that isn’t right as we’re still very much us. Evolved, yeah! When in doubt go with a Pokemon analogy, we’ve evolved.

So I’m just waiting for them both to turn up in an hour or so. Catching up over a pint is always better than when they’re getting pulled away by customers.

It’s busy here tonight! I was one of about nine people on Monday but now I’ve had to snap this table up as my usual writing spot it occupied… rude!

George is also meeting us here tonight too. Haven’t seen that boy in a while, it’ll be great to catch up with him. While he didn’t work with us I still put him in that group of friends from the shop as that’s where we met and hung out most in the early days of our friendship. He’s off the ship for a little while now, so I’ll probably see him a few times before he goes away again.

Ah bollocks, I should have bought On Tour with me, that’d have been a perfect game to play with these guys over a couple of drinks. Maybe I’ll be able to turn this into a more regular thing and do that next time.

This has been a bit rambling, but I’m cool with that. I came early so I could get some writing done, and because my house feels weird at the moment. Sara and her mum came and took the furniture she’s having today, including the bed. So until tomorrow when I can get another one in there I’m in a two bedroom house with no beds! Is there anything more ‘Divorced Guy’ than that?! Probably sitting in a bar by myself writing on a laptop. That’ll do it.

Until tomorrow…

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