• James Hewlett

Sleeping Arrangements

Just a quick one today as I’ve got to drag a bed and mattress up to my room and still get myself ready to go out.

Heading down to Portsmouth this evening.

Thankfully I slept pretty well last night, despite being on the sofa. I don’t want to do that for long though, so even though I’m not going to get the bed built today, I will have a mattress to sleep on at least.

My house feels quite weird at the moment, like, there’s odd gaps and spaces where furniture used to be. Most of it will be filled with some simple shuffling around and rearranging of things, but do think I’m going to need to get one or two bits for certain areas. Maybe I’ll hit up Ikea one evening next week.

It’s interesting though, it almost feels like moving house without actually moving house.

Edit: Wrote that earlier, I actually have a fully constructed bed! It's nice. The mattress is way firmer than I'm used to but I'm going to see how it is and maybe get a topper if needs be.

Oh yeah and this was a picture from last night.

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