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Friday Night Madness

I’ve not eaten at home this week I don’t think. Maybe I did on Monday? I can’t remember. In fact, I’ve not really eaten much this week at all. I’ve had a small healthy lunch a few days but I think my average daily input has been at most five hundred or so calories.

I’ve not felt particularly hungry though, so guess that’s not bad! I did get a pizza when I was with the guys the other evening, but then didn’t eat anything yesterday.

I’m looking forward to having some food at home tonight, and I’m going brave the supermarket on a Saturday tomorrow and do a food shop. My fridge is pretty bare at the moment.

What a dull post. Sorry about that! I was trying to think of something fun, or nerdy to write about but I’m drawing a blank.

Normally when that happens I can start babbling on about something and before you know it I’ve got a half decent entry but I can’t be bothered to do that right now.

Ooh, I am going to watch the first episode of the new Achievement Hunter show, Weird Place before posting this so if I’ve got stuff to say about that... well then it’ll be right below this!

Tomorrow’s post will either be up early or late as I’m out most of the day. Until then...

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