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Heading to Ikea after work this evening with my friend Gemma. I haven’t seen her since the summer and we haven’t caught up in a couple of weeks so that should be nice.

I also think that doing an Ikea trip by myself sounds horrendous but with a friend pretty fun.

I’ve replaced a lot of the bits and bobs Sara took when she moved out and kept a list of anything else I’d want to pick up now that it’s only me living in my house. Thankfully there haven’t been any surprises or anything like that, it’s been a pretty chill process to be honest but that’s a post for tomorrow maybe.

There shouldn’t be too much I need to pick up, the biggest thing I can think of is a chair for the living room. We used to have the two sofas but as I’m down to one now I need to fill out an awkward gap. I’ve reshuffled the dining table around so it is a bit more central, but there’s a good spot for a small arm chair in one corner.

Everything else I can think of is little things; some new sofa cushions, additional cutlery, a new decent sized kitchen knife... nothing that should cost me too much.

I know I could probably get hand me downs of a lot of that stuff, but there’s something nice about having it be new and my own. Little things like having a new kettle and microwave in the kitchen for instance are making it feel like a whole different place and I think that’s important for a fresh start like this.

I doubt it’ll be a one stop shop but I’m looking forward to getting closer to it.

This will probably get posted when I’m back so that I can have a few relevant pictures.

Edit. I didn't get a chair, I'll look on gumtree.

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