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Final Car Load

Sara’s coming over this evening to do, mostly likely, the final car load of stuff. It’ll be nice to have it all cleared out. Especially as I’ve started reshuffling everything around.

I should have space in the spare room for the bed Emma is giving me too. So guests won’t have to sleep on the floor or sofa anymore. I’m sure Ed will appreciate that in particular.

I was a bit annoyed to find a drippy pip in the airing cupboard yesterday. I don’t know how long it’s been like that as I never really needed to go in there too much. It wasn’t like that a while ago last year when it was still being used as a makeshift dark room for Sara’s screen printing. It may just be a random fault, the only other thing that I can think is that something got knocked when her and her mum were clearing stuff out of there and stuffing other bits back in. I’ve contacted the estate agents already, hopefully they’ll get it sorted quick.

I really want to finish Pandemic Legacy Season 2… we’d played through the entire game and only had the month of December left to finish, so at most it’s two games but more likely just one. I wasn’t sure we would be comfortable enough to do that, but the last couple of times she’s been round have been fine and have given me hope. It’s so dumb but it feels like a bit of closure that I want. Plus I could pack that box away into the loft then and have a bit more space for other things. We’ll see.

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