• James Hewlett


Went to see some live music tonight, for ages I’ve been saying I’d like to just start going to random gigs even if I have no idea who any of the bands playing are. I’ve also been meaning to check out the live music portion of the really cool bar, Heartbreakers, in town. That’s exactly what tonight was and either I chose well or local (and less local) bands have got really good!

The first two bands on were super young, I’d say between sixteen and eighteen. They’d bought a lot of friends and family with them and they were both really good. The first was a four piece and the second was just a guitarist and drummer.

At one point the guitarist/singer fucked up a song near the end of the set, apologised and they restarted. It was fine, but I feel like it’s a good learning experience for him too. I feel like with a bit more confidence in themselves they could have played though or just paused and counted back in quickly recovering. They made up for it with a really polished sound other than that.

The third band, I believe they were called Wave Chase (though that might have been the second band), were definitely more experienced and looked like they probably have day jobs outside of gigging. They had the smallest crowd of the night but were still pretty decent. I got the feeling they have almost a residency at the venue playing once a month or so.

The final band were a three piece, dude drummer and two girls on guitar and bass with one providing lead vocals and the other backing/harmonies. They were great! Again, I believe they’re called Wyldest.

They had a dreamy, ethereal sound at times but rocked. The lead vocals reminded me a lot of Stevie Nicks.

They weren’t who was originally advertised for the gig at all, but having listened to a few tracks from that band I’m glad we got what we did, it was awesome!

I had a really great time and look forward to making it a more regular thing just going to live music again. I’ve missed doing it on that small scale. Even if I am now one of the old guys who hangs out near the back swaying and bobbing my head like I’m at a Smashing Pumpkins show.

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