• James Hewlett

Breath With Me

I wonder how many people use the ‘Breath’ app on the Apple Watch or some variation of it? I really like it, I get the alert at around two most days and more often than not that’s right around when I’m taking my break. Just taking a couple of minutes to sit and breath deeply is really satisfying and relaxing.

It’s definitely a meditative type thing. I’ve dabbled in other app guided meditations before as well, I really like it. It’s part of the reason I think I’d enjoy yoga too. I keep meaning to start that, I would say this week but I’ve got quite a busy week.

However you do it, wherever you do it, I think it’s important for people to take a minute or two whenever you can to focus on nothing. Just let your mind empty. You’ll find that when you get back to regular life it’ll feel better, it’s amazing how quickly you can reprioritise on a clearer head.

It doesn’t need to me any big extravagant thing either. You don’t need total darkness, you don’t need candles and incense... hell I’m usually sat in the drivers seat of my van in a car park somewhere!

The last thing I’ll mention is that at the end of it it tells you your average heart rate, a neat little feature. I’ve been impressed by how much my resting heart rate has gone down as I’ve got into better shape!

This was a bit of a weird post, but, hey, taking care of your mental health is about as important job as you can do and something simple like this can help!

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