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Party Planning

I started planning my birthday weekend today, I wanted to wait until Emma had gotten hers out of the way first last weekend.

I’ve had a few ideas, nothing too crazy, so I put together an event and invited a bunch of people. Hopefully it’ll be good fun.

I’m glad it falls on a weekend this year, and that even if it wasn’t my birthday I’d have been taking the day off after anyway due to the stupidly late night that comes with Wrestlemania.

As long as I can get a few people on board the current plan is to do an escape room in town on the Saturday then go out for drinks afterward. Anyone who’s coming from out of town can crash at mine so I expect that we’ll end up playing jackbox games or some fun board game when we get back. Then on the Sunday find somewhere good to get food, then more drinks and whatnot until fairly late to keep ourselves awake and then anyone who’s interested can come back and watch the wrestling with me.

I wanted to keep it casual enough that people can drop in and drop out at any point they want. It’s been a long time since I’ve organised anything for myself for a birthday and I’d like to see as many of my friends as possible.

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