• James Hewlett

Productive Day

I feel like this has been the most productive weekend day I’ve had it a long time!

I set myself an alarm, but didn’t really need it as I woke up naturally a little bit before it was going to go off at eight. I went to go and load up my car with the bed Emma was giving to me to A, clear their spare room and B, allow me to have a bed in my spare room for guests.

We needed to do it early as she was babysitting for a friend at lunchtime. I knew we’d have plenty of time, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure everything would fit in my car. I was determined to try before renting a van though. Thankfully the mattress had some give and we were able to taco it into the back of my car are load up the frame around it. We managed to get it done in one hit which was handy. Emma grabbed a Starbucks for us and Mitchell who was just waking up as when I dropped her back into town.

From there I didn’t even go home but instead straight into Totton to get my hair cut. I wanted to last weekend but couldn’t be bothered with waiting. Today I did though and feel refreshed for doing so.

When I got home I took out the load of laundry I had forgotten to last night and hung that out to dry while I put on another load and was going to build the spare bed…. Turns out that I lost all the Allen keys in the divorce though. I’m sure it was just from when they were taking the old bed and other furniture apart but it was annoying. I’ll get to that in the week.

After tiding up my beard, which was looking very messy after a haircut, I got my exercise done even starting yoga for the first time ever to compliment the cardio I do every day. It felt good. I’m going to carry on with it.

All of this was before one thirty in the after!

Since then I’ve chilled out, watched that flat farther documentary on Netflix (what a bunch of fucking morons) and cooked myself a delicious Cuban prawn pasta for dinner with enough left over for Monday evening!

I don’t have any plans for this evening so I think I’ll play though the next scenario of Arkham Horror, I haven’t played any in a few weeks, then watch a movie.

I have a really fun and busy day ahead tomorrow but I don’t want to ruin that by talking about it early. Although the post might be out late as I doubt I’ll be home until midnight at the earliest.

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