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Tiamat's Wrath

The latest book in James S.A. Corey’s ‘The Expanse’ just came out today and I’ve been super excited to read it!

The story picks up not too long after the last book, and I feel like with this being the penultimate entry in the nine book series we’re not going to get another jump ahead in time like did between the sixth and seventh. “We’re in the endgame now,” as seems to be the quote of all genre media this year.

I’ve not had time to devour too much of it, as it’s a book so deep into a series anything I could talk about would either be super spoilery for those just watching the show and/or catching up, or wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense anyway so if I do write a follow up post in a week or so when I’ve finished it the chances are it’ll just be my reactions more than anything.

I mentioned last week that I’d started The Two Towers to tie me over until this release and that I’d be fine pausing wherever I got to in that as it’s a book I’ve read before and a story I know very well. It turns out I actually timed it beautifully as I finished that yesterday afternoon!

I think when I’ve finished this I’m going to jump away from sci-fi/fantasy for one or two. I’ve been meaning to read Catch-22 for years and with an adaption on its way I’d like to be able to be that smug book reader and have a basis of comparison.

I’ve also got a true crime book that sounds super interesting called Black Dahlia Avenger.

Saying that though, there’s a few new Star Wars books out over the summer so they’ll probably take priority because, well, it’s me.

I’ve mentioned it before but if anyone wants to do some sort of informal book club I’d be totally down, feel free to make suggestions too. There’s a few of you who read this regularly who I know are avid readers and it would be nice to talk about more books!

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