• James Hewlett

Manifest Destiny

I think a lot of people are similar to me in the fact that I come up with a lot more ideas than things that I actually follow through on.

It frustrates me sometimes, but other times I’m quite content with having at least the creativity to have the idea.

I’m feeling somewhere in the middle at the moment though and am going to make more of an effort to follow through on some of the ideas and plans I’ve had recently.

First up in more of a continuation; yoga. I started it at the weekend and really enjoyed it. I think it’ll be a nice extra bit of work out that I don’t have to do every day but at least a few times a week. I’ve lost a lot of weight these past few months and am feeling great for it and hopefully adding this in will help further.

Not really a creative thing but more of a self progression.

The main one I was thinking of when I started writing this was that idea of a book club. I floated it out initially last year some time but never made any attempt to do anything about it. After mentioning it in Tuesdays blog post though it lit a fire. Since then I’ve got a small group of friends who are interested, all are avid readers and we have at least vaguely similar tastes. I’ve suggested a few books to get us going and am waiting for the final vote to come in as to which we’ll start with.

The plan is to read the book through April then talk about it early May, so look out for that post then.

People have been amazed, surprised, confused and happy at how well I’ve been dealing with the drastic life changes I’ve had this year and I really think a lot of the reason I’ve been able to is because I’ve kept my mind busy. I’ve been doing stuff, working on things and coming up with ideas. That’s been kind of the through line of the first quarter of the year, now it’s time to manifest some of that!

No one should feel pressured to produce something out of an idea they’ve had, I believe that kind of thinking can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety, but if you can and want to follow through on whatever those ideas may be the feeling of accomplishment is so satisfying. I get a little bit of it every day when I post this, even more when I have a finished product of something else I’ve been working on.

Everyone is responsible for their own shit. Don’t feel guilty if you’d rather just chill though. There is nothing wrong with that.

Oh yeah, I smashed the Star Wars quiz last night. Rutter, Liv and Emma came and hung out with me while I won it for our ‘team.’ Now my drinks at BrewDog will be on the house for the next few visits at least.

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