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Working Out Works

So I’ve written about my exercise and weight loss a few times and shown off some pictures. I feel really great about it, especially this week as a lot of people have independently mentioned how I’ve lost weight and look good, so it’s obviously noticeably!

Ed sent me a picture from back in December, when I was in a really bad state and although I’d just started my work outs it was still early days. I looked fucking awful! He was saying how inspiring it was seeing how relatively easily I’ve gone from that to where I’m at now.

I’ve been doing half an hour of straight cardio on the exercise bike every day since December but just recently I’ve started adding to it. I’m now doing yoga at least three times a week to help build out my core strength and tighten up my gut.

I’m still extremely new at it so I’m just doing beginner level stuff, but I’m enjoying it!

On top of that I picked up a couple of dumbbells, not with any particular goal in mind, just as something else to do. Either on the days I’m not doing yoga or for when I’m sat watching tv.

Operation: No More Fat Fuck is going well!

Oh, and I spent this morning tidying up the garden, I cut the grass and hacked back the bush/tree thing that had been over taking my decking and outside table. I can get back out and use it now! Just in time for barbecue season.

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