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I like horror movies. It’s never been my go-to genre or something I proclaim to be any sort of expert in, but a good horror flick, preferably a more physiological horror/thriller, is something I enjoy.

Unfortunately my ex wife had no interest in any horror so watching them at home was a mission unto itself, seeing them at the movie theatre was damn near impossible.

If there was something I was particularly interested in seeing I would usually have to wait until it was available at home and then watch it by myself. Fine for some things, but a lot of the joy of that genre is sharing the experience with others.

2017’s Get Out was one of those films I had heard so much about from the film podcasts and websites I enjoy that I made a point of checking it out at home as soon as I could. I really dug it and, like everyone else, was super impressed by how well Jordan Peele had transitioned from being a mostly comedic actor into a masterful horror director with his feature film debut.

So when the trailer for his new film, Us, dropped late last year I was already somewhat in the bag for it. Then the soundtrack kicked in with Luniz 1994(?) hit I Got Five On It featured prominently and morphing into a slowed down, haunting orchestral version of the song as the imagery in the trailer grew more and more disturbing.

I knew then that this would be a film I would enjoy, but I wasn’t entirely convinced I wanted to see it as it looked, well, fucked up!

The films been out for a few weeks now, breaking all sorts of records and once again garnering a lot of buzz for director Jordan Peele and its cast, especially Lupita Nyong’O as the lead or… leads.

Rutter and I were talking about it at the quiz last week and were both saying the same thing, really want to see it but not sure if we can bring ourselves to it. He happens to work at one of the cinemas in town though and gets free tickets so we decided to make use of them and go tonight.

I’m super glad we did! I’d have been way more freaked out watching it alone at home. We had a couple of girls sat in the row in front of us and one of them freaked out at every scare which on one hand was great and heightened it but then quickly dissipated the spook because it was hilarious.

There isn’t a ton of scary jump moments in the film though to be honest, I found the horror to come more from unsettling imagery, tension and feeling. There is a haunting music cue with a choir as well that really ramps up the settling nature in the film whenever it comes up.

The plot expands a great deal wider than I anticipated. Having seen both trailers but intentionally not paying too close attention to every shot in them I was expecting the movie to be a much smaller scale freaky deaky home invasion but it moves beyond that about two thirds of the way through. Despite the expanded scope the tension maintains a closeness, in car, a bedroom, a classroom or even on the street it always feels like the walls are closing in around our protagonists.

I’ve stayed vague with plot details as there are definitely spoilers that should be avoided and I would even say that if you’ve seen the trailers and are interested in the film, and haven’t seen it yet, don’t rewatch those trailers and just go catch it in theatres before it’s gone. Our screen was fairly quiet, but I can imagine it being a lot of fun seeing it with a bigger crowd.

Jordan Peele has cemented himself as one of Hollywoods new era and despite being in a position where he could do anything he wanted next, I believe he will stay true to his word and only do the projects he truly believes in. He’s yet to miss in my book so I look forward to whatever he has for us next.

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