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Habitual Writing

I’ve been back to writing again this past week or so, I feel like I got lost among a few different projects for a while and wasn’t making much progress but I seem to have honed in on one for now and it’s cool seeing something come together.

The film critic turned novelist and screenwriter C. Robert Cargil has been a great source of motivation. The podcast he does weekly with David Chen, Write Along, offers some really helpful advice and tips but how twitter feed is full of messages that make me think, “Yeah, I should really do that.”

One in particular the other day was something a long the lines of, “If you write just one page a day for the rest of the year you could have two finished film scripts, and that includes taking weekends and holidays off.”

When I read something like that it inspires me, so that’s what I’ve been doing, mostly late at night just before bed when I don’t have anything else on my mind, I’ll knock out just a page or two. It makes it feel easy!

That’s the thing with habits, once they’re established, they’re easy. This goes for good and bad habits.

Think about smokers; 95% aren’t chemically addicted, it’s just habitual and it comes effortlessly to them.

I can safely say that the same has become the case with me when it comes to doing my half hour on the exercise bike after work every day. I don’t even think about it anymore.

I downloaded an app last week simply called Habit. Instead of using it like a to-do list, which I also really rely on, it is designed for more day to day good habits. So I’ve put a few in there that I want to make more regular like working out has become.

I heard something once like, “It takes sixty days to build but just one to break it.”

Now I don’t buy the math on that exactly but I do like the message.

What are some bad habits you’d like to cut out and some good ones you’d like to to develop? Have a think about it, then do it. Nothing’s stopping you.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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