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Revisiting An Old Friend

Yesterday I just put up a video post, that’s what I’d been up to all evening, shooting the shit with Mitchell for his radio show going over Wrestlemania weekend predictions.

I’m now stuck for something to write about today....

I started re-reading Scott Pilgrim from the start the other night. It’s been a long time since I read through the whole series.

I know it so well then nothing is surprising to me about the content. What I’m finding interesting though is my relationship to it. Those comics have always held a special, personal spot in my heart. I was on board early, didn’t have them recommended to me by someone else, just came to them on my own and then pushed it on everyone I was friends with. This was long long before the movie!

Reading them now feels like a snapshot of my twenties. Early to mid twenties in particular I guess, but I am super glad I discovered and connected to the series when I did because I think if I discovered it now it wouldn’t resonate nearly as much for me.

Though saying that I feel like it is one of those pieces of media that helped shape me into who I am, so maybe I’d have just been totally different had I never read them and this whole point is moot. That’s a bit existential for ya!

I’ve got both the original black and white small format and the recoloured deluxe hard covers of the series but I found myself more drawn to read the original versions when I plucked them off my shelf the other night. The coloured ones are lovely, I actually still need to pick up vol.6, but there’s just something about the heavy inks and paper stock of the black and white ones... these are the Oni Press printings, not the shitty ones available now in the uk mind you, it feels more tangible.

I’m interested to see how I feel about all the characters by the end of the series and if my thoughts have changed in the ten plus years since I first read it.

I’ll always love this series though.

I’ve shown it off before but one of my most prized possessions is the original art of the first page Bryan Lee O’Malley drew for the series, and the first page of vol.6 he drew and bought over to England for me... such a dude!

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