• James Hewlett

A Bit Of A Birthday

So, I’m now thirty two. I’m also currently sat, on my own in a bar at three in the afternoon because all my family are hundreds of miles away and friends are either working or have made other plans.

Except Mitchell & Emma, we’re hanging out in a bit, they’re just waking up after a late night last night.

It would be very easy to be very depressed today, and sure I’m a bit bummed out... I was hoping to have a silly fun first birthday as a single guy in a decade... but I’m not going to let it get me down. Honestly the most disappointing thing is that I was really hoping to get some nice tasty lunch today. Not that I can afford it.. ah it all works out I guess.

What a sombre start to this post.

I really wanted to focus on how much of a change this birthday is compared to a year ago, or even more so to two years ago.

I worked on my birthday last year but still went out for some nice food in the evening and had a subdued but good evening. Two years ago, my thirtieth, was a really great night out and I saw all my friends and favourite people.

This year.... not so much. Yesterday was a ton of fun, Pete, Ed, M&Em, beers, food and fun times, but today I haven’t done too much.

In fact, me and M&Em are just going to head back to mine now, hang out and later tonight watch wrestlemania. If anyone wants to come over they’re welcome to but I think the likelihood is that it’ll just be us.

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