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Killing Eve

Over the last week I’ve been catching up on what many considered to be one of last years best TV shows.

Killing Eve is a strange hybrid of a programme. It is a BBC America original show but set mostly in the UK and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is very much a British writer/actor.

The series focuses on the titular Eve, played by Sandra Oh, who is a low level British intelligence agent.

She starts finding connections in a string of murders across Europe and is ultimately on the trail of the assassin Eve’s team come to know as Villinelle, played by Jodie Comer.

I heard the premise when the show first aired in the states and thought it sounded interesting but it was only after the continued praise it received that I figured I really should check it out. I pay for a damn tv licence, I may as well make use of the BBC occasionally!

After having it recommended to me again I started watching and within the first five minutes I was sold.

The show is shot beautifully. I know I shouldn’t but I always have a preconceived notion of what a BBC show looks like, and wether it is because this is actually BBC America or if they actually have improved over here in the last decade or so is beside the point because Killing Eve doesn’t have the cheap aesthetic and looks just a polished as any premium cable network show from stateside.

The actors are all excellent, ranging from bumbling MI5 office jockeys to psychotic European killers to suave politicos, everyone is perfectly cast and performing very well.

They’re able to do so though because the writing for the series is so on point. As usual when I write about something not everyone has seen and I’d like to think people may check out based on my recommendation, I’m not going to go into plot details as there a a lot of fun and exciting twists and turns. With that said though I feel comfortable saying that while the show is classified as a thriller, it is often times laugh out loud funny. Everyone is charming as hell and the interplay between certain characters allows you to very quickly believe they’ve been friends, colleagues or whatever the relationship is, for years.

The drama and tension that is built up between these two woman is amazing as well, the back and forth cat and mouse dynamic is fascinating as you’re never one hundred per cent certain who has the upper hand at any time, and neither are they!

The comedy element doesn’t come just from the writing though. There were certain visual cues that really got me and could only come from a British mind. One particular example I can give without spoiling anything is from the first episode; a character is being shown into a secret MI5 safe house, very inconspicuous and discreet but on the inside door of the office, because it’s a work place in the UK, it still has the health & safety in the work place poster, yes, that one, you can picture it can’t you? Such a little thing but I can’t remember another show being interested in those little details. It made me laugh a lot more that it was probably intended to.

I’m two episodes from finishing and will be knocking them out tonight. There’s a second season coming but unfortunately Waller-Bridge isn’t returning to write it. Hopefully it stays just as good.

If you haven’t checked KILLING EVE out yet, do so, it’s available on the iPlayer in the UK and BBC America in the states.

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