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Star Wars Celebration Hype!

I was going to write about the new Attenborough/Netflix series Our Planet today, but I’ve not watched any of it yet so that would just be silly.

So instead I’m bumping up what Saturday’s post was going to be and will figure out what I’m going to do then... then. Though to be honest, it’ll most likely be a part two of this post.

Star Wars Celebration is just getting started in Chicago as I write this and I am incredibly jealous of all the people that get to be there. I think I’m more jealous having been to SWC before, twice in the US; C3 in Indianapolis and C4 in LA and once in London in 2016.

It really is my Disneyland, my happy place. I enjoyed the hell out of San Diego Comic Con when I went, and I love the RTX conventions that I’ve been to (and I WILL get to one in Austin sometime in the next couple of years) but Star Wars is special to me.

While I’m gutted I can’t be there to enjoy the experience in person, the good news is that a lot of the show is streamed live these days! So what am I most anticipating?

First and foremost is obviously the Episode 9 stuff. In all likelihood by tomorrow night we will have a title, poster and at least a teaser trailer for the new movie and based on some leaks, promotional materials around the convention centre that people have shared online and information I know from other sources, I am super excited.

There is also a big panel for The Mandolorian, the live action TV series being executive produced by Jon Favraeu, starring Pedro Pascal with episodes directed by some of the best talent working in TV and film today. The show is likely to premiere on Disney+ later this year so I expect them to show off footage from that as well.

Staying on TV there is bound to be more information and probably an episode shown of the second season of Resistance. I really enjoyed the first season by the end of it and if the trend set by Clone Wars and Rebels is anything to go by later seasons are only going to get better.

Speaking of The Clone Wars, there is bound to be some presence of that at the con as well as they come back for what I believe is one limited season revival most likely to air next year. I wouldn’t expect a full episode to be shown, especially if they only have a shorter number being produced, but new footage will probably be very well received.

I’ve not kept up to date with the comics as much as I would like to, but I’m always excited about new announcements so I’ll be interested to see what Marvel brings.

I have stayed on top of the novels though and I think the floodgates will open on that side of the publishing division once Episode 9 is out so I’m curious if anything gets announced. Though chances are we’ll hear about the build up and tie ins to the new movie and tv show more than anything else.

The gaming announcements should be pretty cool; there is Jedi: Fallen Order for consoles, finally a dedicated single player story focused game that looks like it could be awesome, but my tastes have been way more tabletop focused recently so I’m curious of FFG announce anything new or if they are just showing off previously announced games and expansions in person for the first time. Either way, I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

I’m not so much into the collecting side of things anymore, and my empty wallet breaths a massive sigh of relief about that, but it’s great looking through the galleries of pictures of all the amazing toys, collectibles, statues and other stuff unveiled at the show. I know if I was there in person I would probably come home with some amazing new artwork, but as I’m not I’ll have to be content checking it out online and wishing I could afford to get the pieces I already have framed and on the wall.

Check back over the weekend so catch my opinions on all this stuff and any other exciting announcements that may come up and, (urgh, sorry I have to,) may the force be with you.

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