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The First Rule Of Book Club

So my little book club idea is coming to fruition! I’ve got a small group of people together, we’ve chosen the first book and I know at least a couple of us have made a start.

I only reached out to a handful of friends, people I know are keen and active readers, will likely have something interesting to say and all who share at least vaguely similar tastes.

There’s me, obviously, but also another James. A friend and husband of my closest friend. James is a school teacher and father of two boys. He’s come to me for book recommendations in the past so I thought of him straight away.

Maggie, my sister-in-law moved to Spain last year with Jon and has plenty of time to read. I know she likes a lot of the same genre stuff as the rest of us but I’m not sure how much she’s read in the past. I’m curious to see how she’ll find the chosen book.

The final confirmed member is Rose, who was the assistant manager for most of my time when we both worked at the comic book shop. We always had similar tastes and would often put a book in front of the other and say read this. I can’t remember one that wasn’t enjoyed. She also tears through books like no bodies business, so the only problem may be that she’s read three others by the time we get to our discussion!

I’ve also asked my friend Scott if he wants to join in and he seems interested, but he wants to give the book a read and see if he’s got anything to say first.

I’d like to add new people as we go on with this little project, but I can see the four of us being the core group with others possibly rotating in and out as they want to.

I put together a list of four possible books that were all a bit different, but all in our wheelhouses. Selfishly they were all also books I had already and was keen to read.

I put it to a vote and Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks won out, the first of the highly regard Culture series of sci-fi novels.

I’m probably about a fifth of the way through so far and I’m not going to say anymore. I am taking brief notes occasionally though; thoughts, opinions, questions, that kind of thing, as well as writing down any questions I want to the group to weigh in on.

Closer to the time, when I’ve finished the book to avoid possible spoilers, I’m going to see if there are any ‘book club questions’ for the novel online anywhere. GoodReads in normally a useful tool for that kind of thing.

Please feel free to read along with us and send over your thoughts. There’s a contact link on the page somewhere or twitter.com/jhewlett

The discussion of the book is tentatively scheduled for early May.

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