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Celebration Round Up

Okay, so delayed post but whatever. Also just going to do bullet points because I’m tired and I doubt anyone is actually all that bothered about this one anyway.

Star Wars Celebration coverage...

Man, I wish I could have been there it looks like a blast.

  • Episode 9... or The Rise Of Skywalker as we should now be saying. The title isn’t what I was expecting and I don’t love it without context but I’ve got some ideas and head some theories that make it quite cool. The trailer was rad though! I loved it, it looks awesome and I can’t wait... duh! The whole panel was fun, seeing the cast all enjoy what they’re doing is great. Billy Dee looks incredible for being eighty something years old.

Galaxy’s Edge panel was way too long and dull for a main stage panel. I understand they’re going hard on it this year with the park opening but it felt way more like a technical panel rather than a main stage, live streamed panel. The footage from the park and rides looks great though, I can’t wait to go eventually. Also the Coca Cola in universe bottles are awesome and the fact they’re labelled in a stylised aeurbesh, or however you spell the written language in the Star Wars universe, is super nerdy and cool.

Jedi: Fallen Order looks cool, the single player story driven video game we’ve wanted for years now. I’m sure we’ll see more soon, hopefully a gameplay trailer at E3.

The Mandolorian, I had to watch a dodgy cam of the footage they showed for this as they didn’t stream it but it looks very cool. Doesn’t appear that they’ve skimped on the budget for TV and I like that it feels very much to have a western/underworld type feel to it. Hopefully they release the footage soon so I can see and hear it better.

That’ll do for. Which is actually yesterday. Time is confusing.

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