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GOT Preview?

And now for actually today’s post!

Again, won’t be much as I’m tired and enjoying watching tv but I’ve had a great weekend!

Really awesome Friday night, and then Saturday afternoon Rutter and Liv arrived and we watched some of the SWC Alice stream while we waited for Ed. Then got on with some Gloomhaven. Fucking love that game! Ed and I did another scenario today too and then went to the RevPro show in town.

But the thing I wanted to mention today mostly was Game of Thrones!

I was planning on doing a whole preview post for the coming final season that starts tomorrow but I’m not going to bother with that now.

It’s going to be awesome though, having basically the whole world watching. A lot of people have written about how this season of television is going to be the last of its kind and I pretty much agree. There hasn’t been a piece of tv media that has so uniformly captured the public consciousness before on the global scale of GoT and with the vast quantity of programming available across so many platforms and ready on demand, I can’t see there being ‘event TV watching’ on this scale again!

I’ll be watching the episode after work, once done a food shop and I’ve worked out otherwise neither of those things will get done. In fact, I may just get something from the shop instead of doing a full food shop so I can get back to Westeros that bit quicker. I’ll be on as much of a media blackout as I can until then tomorrow, so don’t expect my post to be up with any sort of haste.


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