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Summer Movie Wager 2019

So it’s that time of year again; time for The Summer Movie Wager!

What started as a fun car wash bet on the Totally Rad Show back in 2007 and then migrated over to the /FilmCast after TRS ended, the summer movie wager has grown exponentially every year and thanks to some mad genius online there is has now been a really useful website where you can submit your lists and join in the fun without having to track scores or film box office. Especially handy for us international players as the scoring is done based on US domestic gross only.

I had a lot of fun playing along last year and it made me way more invested in how well each blockbuster was performing. I didn’t do too badly, middling out of the total participants. I’m trying to get more people involved this year. If you would like to play along simply create your list and sign up here… PLAY ALONG

Then send me your chosen nickname so I can add you to my pool of friends and we can compete!

The rules are simple, you pick what you think are going to be the top ten highest grossing movies of the summer plus three dark horse picks.

You score points based on how they accurately you placed them at the end of the summer on Labor Day (early September) but you can track how your list is looking all throughout as the website updates constantly.

There are bonus points for nailing the number one and number ten movies exactly and others score less the further away from the actual position. Dark horses score you a single point if they appear anywhere in the top ten, think of them as buffer picks, just in case.

I’ve submitted my list already and I have to say it has the potential to be a massive summer for movies I think. The deadline to get involved is April 24th as Avengers: Endgame is out that weekend, marking the start of the season.

Come play along with me, and don’t forget to let me know your nickname on the website. Mine, as always, is JHewlett. Good luck!

Summer Movie Wager

And check out next weeks episode of the SlashFilmCast for their lists and probably a better description of the game. It should be available wherever you get your podcasts on Tuesday.

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