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BBQ's, Beers and Blog Designs

I’ve been meaning to give this website a bit of an overhaul but I don’t know where to begin.

I have no training in web design at all and I still want to keep it fairly simple, but I would like to update it, give it a fresh coat of paint and make it easier for everyone to find things.

I would love to add a little calendar or something that people can click back through and instantly jump to my post from that day. That is just one little idea.

I know there is a newer, flashier version of the blogging feature on the design and hosting site I use, but I would, ideally like to be able to migrate all of my existing posts over to that instead of starting scratch. I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from keeping all these posts up on one part of the site and newer posts on the new format blog. I need to look into it more.

It’s been another amazing day weather wise. I went to a barbecue in town at some friends of Mitchell & Emma’s. It was a nice time and M&Em kindly let me nibble on the food they bought. As I was driving though I didn’t have anything to drink and after a little while I was just jonesing for a nice cold beer in the garden so I headed home picking Wes up on the way. We had a few drinks and caught up for the first time in ages. It was a good time.

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