• James Hewlett

Easter With Family

It’s funny isn’t it, none of my family saw each other on Xmas day but we did at Easter! It’s nice that JC died so we could have a four day weekend. What a good egg. And the Easter bunny (who is equally as real as the other dude) made sure we had awesome bbq weather too!

My mum and Paul are in Spain and hung out with Jon and Maggie for the day I think, and I went over to Lucy and family’s house for lunch.

It was cool sitting around in the sun catching up, talking about nonsense. I thought I was going to really dislike the friends they had over, and I think any longer with them and I’d have got irritated, but they seemed like nice enough people and I had a good time.

Had a really nice evening with the girl I’m seeing at the moment too. We went for some Japanese food and then hung out watching tv. So all in all it was a pretty damn good day! I’ve enjoyed this bank holiday weekend. Amazing how good everyone feels when the sun is shining.

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