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GoT 8.2 Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

I was intending to write up the episode similarly to how I did last week so I thought I’d watch it through for a second time and take notes. Now I think I’ll just put those notes up instead. It’s probably more comprehensive than I would have done if I had written it up from memory but also a bit more clinical. I don’t know what format I’ll use next week, but it’s a ninety minute battle episode so I might end up just listing the fallen and do an In Memoriam post. Who knows!

Jaime on trial

  • Birenne defence

  • “The things we do for love”

Tyrion losing a lot of ground.

  • The other advisers to Dany know he means well.

Smouldering Gendry.

  • Arya is way into it.

  • She impressed him with her skills.

Jamie looks lost in the gods wood

  • on the redemption tour.

  • Is as confused as everyone else by Bran.

  • Ominous message, I don’t know if Jaime makes it out of this battle.

Jaime and Tyrion together in Winterfell again.

  • Bros can put their shit aside easily.

  • Jaime is distracted by Brienne

  • Pod got good.

  • Brienne doesn’t understand Jaime’s affection, but is happy with it.

Dany still taking advice from Jorah.

  • he looks like a true Mormont again.

Dany makes amends with Sansa

  • Sansa looks like Cersei when she armoured up.

  • Both are strong woman leaders.

  • Both are too stubborn. If Sansa just had better timing... seems to be a trait Ned never imparted.

  • Maester has done well for himself.

  • Theon comes full circle and is completing his redemption tour. The ‘lost son’

Onion Knight is the champion of the common man and of disabled little girls.

  • Gilly has more tact and bedside manner than anyone else.

The Nights Watch returns.

  • Tormund is the damn best.

  • Will this be Stoneheart in the book?!

Prep montage.

  • nice defences and a nice looking battle map.

  • Hell of a war council.

  • Deus Ex Three Eyed Raven.

  • Death is forgetting. Bran is the key.

  • Theon protecting Bran, like he did against wildlings in season one.

  • Tyrion and Bran sharing info.

Racist northerners.

  • Greyworm is so dead, don’t make plans for after the war dude!

Ghost returns!

  • watchers on the wall.

  • Sam got jokes.

  • Poor Edd has no hope.

  • Nice that Grenn and Pip got remembered.

Fireplace for all the homeboys.

  • brothers Lannister

  • Brienne & Pod, lets get bevs.

  • Davos just wants to warm his nubs

  • Tormund want to fuck anything on two, or four legs and tell dope stories instead of measuring cocks with Jaime.

Hound is a #Loneyboi

  • Arya is cool with him now though

  • And with Berric

  • RIP Thoros.

  • Melesandre should be here... she must have a part to play in the wars to come.

Arya wants to get some.

  • Ned and Roberts desire to join their houses, about as close as the could come. Especially if someone legitimised Gendry and gave him Storms End.

Brienne’s knighthood

  • "fuck tradition."

  • The best thing Jaime could ever do for her. Most loving moment.

  • All she’s ever wanted. Happiest she’s ever looked.

  • Everyone knows she’s the most deserving knight in the seven kingdoms.

  • Both the swords that were once Ice will be defending Winterfell with next to each other.

Mormont reunion

  • Lyanna is a bear child.

  • Heartsbane gifted to Jorah from Sam.

  • Swords swapped all over the place but all the named blades and Velyrian steel we know about are at Winterfell

Pod’s Song

  • so similar to Pippin singing to Denathor in Return of the King.

  • Montage of happy reunions. Many of these people are going to die....

  • Jorah with the Dothraki is great.

Jon and Dany in the crypt.

  • tactless timing from the kids of Ned.

  • Stubbornness of Dany, Jon isn’t making a power play!

Here comes the White Walkers

  • More than we’ve ever seen before!

  • No sign of Night King on Viseryion yet though.

Never left Winterfell.

Great moments for so many second tier main characters. Makes me fear for them all.

More main characters in one place than ever before?

Death count ... zero!

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