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Revisiting The Shire

I’ve got nothing today you guys! I was back at work after four great days off and by the time I got home, worked out and ate some dinner it felt like most of the evening was gone.

I’ve been writing these on my break a lot of the time these days but I didn’t even get to do that today though because as soon as I parked up I felt a bit tired and couldn’t focus on anything so I had a little snooze instead.

I guess the most interesting thing about this evening is that I started watching The Lord of the Rings again. I’ve been on a bit of a kick recently; I finished re-reading The Two Towers last month, I’ve played a bunch of the Journeys In Middle Earth board game since it arrived and am enjoying that a ton and I can’t remember how but it Lord of the Rings came up in conversation the other evening so I figured, why not. I’ve seen all the movies a lot and I can drop in and out happily enough that I don’t need to watch them in full.

The difference is that Netflix only had the theatrical cuts of each of the movies. I don’t own the extended editions anymore and can’t justify buying them digitally at the moment, especially as they’re not available in 4K yet, so I’m having to make do.

It’s strange, I haven’t watched this version of the movie since… well, since the extended was first released, so for Fellowship that would have been xmas 2002 as they came out a year after the theatrical. Of course I remember where most of the differences and added scenes were but I’m pretty sure there are alternate line readings as well. Probably because of context. There are a lot more minor chances as well I hadn’t realised; small things like after the prologue scene with Galadriel’s narration, in the extended edition we just move into ‘present day’ and the film gives the audience enough credit to understand the passage of time. In the theatrical we get a title card explaining where and when we are, ‘The Shire, 60 years later…’ It’s innocent enough but after not seeing that for over fifteen years of watching the movie I was a little taken aback. It felt very studio mandated.

Anyway, that is enough about that particular eighteen year old movie. I’m going to go to bed now. Only three more days at work then I’m off for a week. If I don’t think of any decent content for the rest of the week I’ll have no excuses next week!

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