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Quizzing - Episode II

It’s been about a month since my dominant victory at the Star Wars quiz hosted by BrewDog. Themed quizzes seem to be the trend in town at the moment and everywhere seems to be running on the same ideas.

Tonight The Stable, a pizza and cider place, had their Star Wars quiz and George wanted to do it as he was back home at the moment.

I was ready to turn one victory into the beginnings of a dynasty.

The questions were thankfully all different, and were a mixture of relatively easy and actually quite challenging. I was confident though... apparently too confident.

We came second! Losing by three points. Hats off to the team who won, the questions we missed I genuinely didn’t know so they obviously picked up a couple of points from them.

I was disappointed, but not much. It was a good time and the £2 entry fee was going toward a charity I’m a proponent of, so even though there was no prize for anything but the winners I’m not too sad about it.

I’ll just have to brush up for the next one!

Avengers Endgame tomorrow night, post will be up late and will be my brain dump of thoughts with a proper review hopefully coming later.

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