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Assembling The Endgame (Spoiler Free)

This is going to be a post of two halves. This first, my Infinity War, is being written before I’ve seen Endgame and will be spoiler free for that movie. The back half, which I will clearly label, will be my gut reactions to the film when I get home after seeing it this evening.

So this is it huh? The early buzz and takes are out and Avengers Endgame is getting universally positive reactions from people. The theme running throughout everything I’ve read is that of ‘finality.’

Sure, we all know the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t ending (ever!) and people with their fingers even remotely close to the pulse of these films know about plenty of the upcoming projects already in development, but that doesn’t mean this movie can’t have a sense of ending.

That excites me! I’m ready for it. I’ve said it before but this year seems to be all about endings; The Avengers, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Trumps presidency, The UK, my marriage, Childish Gambino... there are a ton of things ending or that have ended this calendar year for good or bad.

Let’s focus on the MCU though, my connection to it in particular.

I started at the comic book shop a bit before xmas 2007. Iron Man was in post production and as someone who had been reading Marvel Comics for years and had been a fan of Jon Favreau since Swingers I was anticipating it. We had had a lot of comic book movies, some good, a lot bad, a couple of great, but it still felt like a somewhat niche genre. Definitely not the mainstream.

By the summer of 2008 most of the people I was hanging out with were from the shop, either other staff members or customers who had become friends. We all saw Iron Man opening night after work and hung around during the credits buzzing about what we’d just seen and how good it was. It felt like, for the first time, a true Marvel Comic bought to life. Not a straight adaptation of one storyline, but of the character. So when Nick Fury turns around in Tony Stark’s house and says he’s there to talk about the Iron Man initiative we erupted. There was six or seven of us, and maybe the same again scattered throughout the theatre but you would have thought we had just scored a touchdown at the super bowl.

As the films continued to come out I saw each of them at the cinema, usually opening night, mostly with friends. I probably saw a couple with a girlfriend but know that the first Avengers came out while I was with my ex-wife and we saw it with a couple of her friends. I would have happily seen it alone though. I had been waiting for that movie for really only four years but it had felt like a lifetime. I was still at the shop then and deep into both the movie universe and what was going on in the comics.

The subsequent movies came out, and I enjoyed all of them at least during their first watches. Some stuck with me more than others but I think it was after leaving the shop in 2014 that the lustre started wearing off. I haven’t read much of anything from either of the big two publishers since leaving and even before that I had cut way back on the superhero comics I had been consuming. I keep my ear to the ground somewhat though and am interested to hear about certain storyline or more frequently creators, but I’m not tapped in anymore and don’t really miss it all that much.

We stopped going to the movies opening night for a multitude of reasons, but the built up for Infinity War was excellent and I was psyched for that!

I ended up going with Wes for the first viewing and had a great time. I did then see it again but the shock of that films ending wears off after the initial screening.

I’ve revisited it a few times over the past year though and still thoroughly enjoy it so have been hotly anticipating Endgame.

I’ve avoided any spoilers and have only seen the trailers once or twice in front of other movies. If it’s not Star Wars I am happy to just wait and enjoy a fairly unsullied experience.

I think this movie will have a much different tone than the last. I hope it does. If they’re truly trying to cap off a twenty two movie arc then they have a lot to pay off. I just hope they can stick the landing.

Continue reading to see if I think they manage it!

Okay, wow. Yeah, there’s a lot to unpack there and it’s midnight. I’ll write it up tomorrow. Full Spoilers.

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