• James Hewlett

Catch Up Post 1/2

Alright, so it’s Monday and I didn’t write anything over the weekend. ‘Today’ and ‘tomorrow’s’ posts are going to be very brief!

Today was good, got bits and bobs done around the house that I knew I didn’t want to have to think about the rest of the weekend. None of it was urgent as I’m off all week, but instead of letting it just sit there I spent the morning and early afternoon getting it all done. Boring shit like laundry and washing up.

After that it was time to head down to Portsmouth for date night.

I’ve been working on a long form post about dating post thirty and what that’s all like, but every time I come back to it it feels weird writing cos I’m seeing someone at the time. I’m sure I’ll get round to it eventually.

She’s got me on to a few new shows recently so took my recommendation of watching Always Sunny. We ended up watching most of season two early evening before heading out for some food and drinks. It turns out everyone in Southsea had the same idea though as a bunch of places we tried were full. We did find somewhere eventually though and it was really nice.

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