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Full Gear Challenge

Let’s to an Operation No More Fat Fuck update.

I should really have timed the whole thing better and rebranded it; Hangman Page, one of the cool indie wrestlers that’s at the top of the new AEW roster has been running a fitness challenge in the build up to their first big event later this month. The #FullGearChallenge is a bit tongue in cheek as the dude is ripped already but I’m a big fan of them using their YouTube show, Being The Elite to promote and motivate a healthy amount of exercise.

Oh yeah, I should explain the term, full gear is in reference to being in shape to look good in full wrestling gear, which for Adam Page is basically just black pants and cowboy boots. I'm not going that route though. Don't worry.

The picture should speak for itself; I had been working out daily for a couple of weeks in the older picture but my life was in the toilet floating around waiting to get flushed. Here we are just over four months later and I’m in a really good place mentally and physically. Financially not so much, but I can’t be greedy, I’m super happy with the other two.

I don’t really bother with scales all that often as I’d rather see my progress in a picture than a number, but I do check in occasionally.

I have my scales to show me US pounds as my only frame of human weight really is professional wrestling. I’ll convert to metric though for those who only know that.

In January 2018 I weighed in at 178.4lbs (81kg) I think this might have been the biggest I’ve been, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t even know why I weighed myself then but all this stuff is logged these days so I can go check. That was 25.9% body fat too.

The next time I checked in was March 7th this year, three months into working out for half an hour every day. I was down to 157lbs (71.2kg) and 19.9% body fat!

Seeing that drop off was such a cool feeling an motivator to keep going.

Last week for what I can almost certainly say the first time in my adult life I weighed myself again at came in at under 150lbs. A week later and yesterday I’d lost another pound and am down to 148.6 (67.4) and my body fat is at 18%.

My target weight is 140lbs with as low body fat percentage as I can get.

Over the last month and change I’ve started adding in yoga a minimum of three times a week and some casual weights as well. This is mostly to build strength and tighten up my flabby bits. I’ve got excess from when I was bigger and I’d like to get rid of as much of that as poss.

I’m sure this post could read to some as very self congratulating, and it kind of is, but I really just wanted to highlight the fact that it’s really really not that hard to get into better shape. Yes, I am more careful about what I eat and I don’t snack much any more at all, but I also don’t worry about it too much either. I never say, “Ooh I cant go there or eat that because I’m on a diet.” Over my birthday weekend for instance I ate tons of delicious food and put on about four pounds in as many days, but I enjoyed all of it and a week or so later of pushing a little harder I’d worked it all off.

I’m also still drinking, christ, I’d quit beer at the same time as I stated working out I’d be in proper ‘Full Gear’ shape! But beer is good and I enjoy it. Though gin and a sugar free tonic is also pretty good...

Don’t set a date to start getting into shape, just do it. My set up cost under £100 for everything and I do it all in the comfort of my own home. You can too.

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