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Democratic Thursday

I mentioned the other day that I was in a good place mentally and physically and the financially was the only thing not great.

Started making some good steps towards getting that together today and it feels good. It’s going to take time, years really, but it is still a nice feeling.

Also jumped back into painting some minis today. Obviously I’ve not been buying any Star Wars Legion stuff for ages but I’ve got board games that have some really good ones and as I’ve been enjoying the Journeys In Middle Earth game a lot I decided to start making the plastic components look even better. It’s been a while so I’m a little rusty and I’m also not putting as much detail into these as I would for Legion but it’s been fun to do.

Rutter was kind enough to treat me to a 7Bone this evening as a belated birthday present. That boy has been working like crazy at the cinema since Endgame came out so I think he was looking forward to chilling for a bit too. It was cool to catch up and the food was great as always.

Didn’t really have too much to write about today. It feels like my week off has gone by quick but thankfully I’ve still got four days of it yet to go! See you tomorrow.

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