• James Hewlett

Just A Gram

I haven’t used Instagram since a few months after it first launched, until recently.

I had it, I used it, it was fine, I got very bored with it. Like a lot of new services that have potential to get big I tend to sign up as soon as I can just to secure my username. It’s pretty universally the same across everything and it annoys me when I can’t get it. I also know there are a bunch of other JHewlett’s out there including one quite famous one. So I try and lay claim.

I can’t remember what spurred me to reinstall it recently but I did. I lingered and lurked for a little while, I deleted all the old shit I had on there from nearly ten years ago and slowly but surely I started posting again. I actually quite like using the platform again!

I’ve never stopped using twitter and o think where I tend to think more with words than visuals that one will always be where I lean to first. But I’m enjoying Instagram again quite a bit, mostly because it is so much more robust than it used to be.

It’s funny coming back to a platform, probably that al the cool kids have moved away from to something I’ve never even heard of or don’t understand, but that’s just getting old. The same reason everyone (thankfully except me!) seems to have their parents and in some cases grandparents on Facebook. That sounds like hell to me!

Hi mum!

RIP Peter.

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