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May the Fourth, Get'it?

I’m exhausted and I haven’t even left the house today!

Sara came over this morning to do the final bit of sorting out. I finally have a useable and accessible shed again, it’s great. I was tidying it as I went as well so now everything is easier to get to and in a sensible place.

It’s really nice having it all done and dusted now with essentially only paperwork stuff to take care of. That slow moving ball is rolling though at least.

George and his mate Ollie came round this afternoon to play some Star Wars Legion. It’s the first time I’ve played the game in a long time. Fuck me it’s long. I think it would be a lot shorter if we were all familiar with the rules and if we weren’t chit chatting and stuff between but I was soooo ready to be done by about halfway through that I stopped really paying attention.

I love George to bits, he’s a great guy. But he is a lot of effort and they’re both so middle class that it’s really quite tiresome after a while. I also don’t appreciate having my shit critiqued after coming into my house. So my fridge isn’t immaculately clean, who gives a fuck!? I made a point of eating snacks that fell on the floor just to gross them out. It worked. Can’t deal with that high strung nature for prolonged periods of time. I was glad to just chill out for the rest of the night after they left.

I also am not sure I love the game side of it all that much either. It’s fun, but it’s just very long and without anyone to play against regularly I can’t see myself continuing on. I still really really enjoy the hobby side of it though, so I may just

Busy day tomorrow so the post will probably be up late. See ya then.

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