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Super Strong Style

I was in London today for a wrestling event. Pete and Helen had bought tickets a while ago and was understandable with me being too broke to pay him back right away. He had a spare too so Mitchell hopped in the car with me and we headed up.

I’ve never been to Alexandria Palace before, what a lovely - and very different to usual - venue to see some independent wrestling in!

None of us had been to a Progress show before as they tend to do more north/midlands and RevPro do more in the south. Progress definitely feels like the bigger company and through their affiliation and working relationship with WWE there was a good few NXT roster members on the card.

Super Strong Style 16 is the annual tournament Progress put on over three days and we were there for the middle of it. Four quarter final matches with a scattering of other non-tournament matches as well peppered throughout.

It was an amazing event and you could tell everyone was giving it their all. It had a ‘big event feeling’ throughout. Of the nine matches only one or two were less than excellent.

We had unassigned seating in and because the doors opened way earlier than the first bell we hadn’t rushed to get there. We found four seats together all with a good view though and it ended up being the best possible place to sit. There were two dudes sat immediately behind us who were clearly on the same level as us; enjoying the show but there mostly to have fun. After actually meeting them and chatting a bit outside during the intermission we found out they’d met at Wrestlemania a few years ago as they were both there alone and just clicked. One was from England and the other San Jose, CA.

Through the rest of the show we were all getting involved with each other’s chants and cheers and laughing at each other’s shit so much that I think (I may be wrong and they all thought we were annoying as shit) that it was quite infectious for our entire section.

Its interactions like that, the fun you have that isn’t directly the event itself, that I’ve come to love most about almost all live entertainment. Wether it’s a convention, a gig, a wrestling show, whatever, I almost always come away enjoying that side of it as much if not more than the event itself.

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