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GOT 8.4 Last of the Starks

Ahh, a nice calm episode of Game of Thrones after the big battle of Winterfell and before the battle of King’s Landing, this should be fine.

NOPE. If anyone actually thought that they’ve not been paying attention.

Sure, we got a nice send off for the fallen and Jon gave a good eulogy in front of the survivors but tensions were high even throughout the wake/celebratory dinner after.

Dany legitimised Gendry, making sure that House Baratheon will live on. This was a savvy move on her part as it was Robert Baratheon’s rebellion that caused Dany to live her life in exile in the first place. Showing that she is willing to move past the previous generations transgressions may have served her well if it wasn’t for her later actions.

She’s rather proud of herself until it becomes clear that Jon has the love of all the people present from Westeros even if they’ve tried to kill him at some point of another.

The brothers Lannister are happy playing a favourite drinking game with Pod and Brienne until Tyrion acts as a good wing man for Jaime and not only sets up the two knights to finally hook up but blocks Tormond from intervening.

Jon and Dany have a heated bedroom conversation; Jon proclaims his love despite the familial revelations and swears loyalty to his queen once again and declaring he has no desire or intention of ruling once they win the Iron Throne.

Dany is shaken though as she feels her rule could come under scrutiny and challenge before it is even made official. She gives Jon an ultimatum is a blatant emotionally abusive move and insists that the only way they can have a future together is if no one is told about his true heritage.

Defying this demand, in the privacy of the Godswood, the remaining Stark’s are told the truth. Jon technically doesn’t betray Dany as he has Three Eyed Bran delivery the news, but the implication is there. He makes them swear to not tell another living soul. Arya is true to her word but it doesn’t take long for Sansa to tell Tyrion who in turn tells Varys and at that point they may as well hang banners from every tree along the King’s Road.

Varys is starting to see that Dany may not be the benevolent monarch he had hoped her to be and with there now being a new Targaryen in play he seems to be throwing his bald cap in with Jon; the righteous, well loved, honourable and rightful heir to the throne. He has a little trouble convincing Tyrion of this but I believe that Tyrion is speaking more from emotion than reason.

All these political machinations come to a sudden holt as Dany’s fleet are approaching Dragonstone though. In the midst of a wonderful shot of the surviving dragon bros flying together a high velocity bolt catches Rheagal directly in the heart, a second clips his tendon on his already injured wing and a third pierces his neck through the throat sending him to a bloody death at the bottom of the sea.

Euron’s Ironborn fleet have been equipped with improved versions of Qyburn’s scorpion weapon. Luckily Dany and Dragon escape unharmed but the fleet carrying the Unsullied and at least a contingent of the allied forces is wiped out and Missandei is captured.

At the gates of King’s Landing, with its ramparts also fortified with the high powered dragon killing weapons, Dany and her small entourage arrive to try and convince Cersei to forfeit. The brotherfucker has no interest in doing so though as she currently has the upper hand. Despite Tyrion’s best efforts to talk reason to his hateful sister, Cersei has Missandei beheaded in front of her loved ones. Greyworm looks like he is about ready to breath fire himself but Dany seems to have taken her friends last words to heart and is ready to burn it all down.

The mad queen cometh perhaps?

That’s far from all the storylines we hit on this week and I really enjoyed the episode. There is a ton still to be done in the final two episodes of the show and every minute feels full of tension. I believe we saw the last of a few characters this week, not just those who died, but I’ll be interested to see if we check back in on Sam, Gilly, Tormond and Ghost possibly in an epilogue montage or something. It seems like they may all be getting happy endings though.

I have a current theory that Jon is being built up in the audience and characters eyes as the only person truly fit to be king and that he is going to sacrifice himself for Dany and their inevitable unborn child. This act will be the catalyst to pull Dany back from the growing darkness inside her and she will be the one who ultimately leads, though I’ve said all along I don’t believe it will be from the Iron Throne. That chairs days are numbered.

Death pool update:

Rhaegal the dragon

Missandei of Narth

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