• James Hewlett

The Amazing Race

I tend to avoid any and all reality tv shows. It’s pretty easy to do. My tv isn’t plugged into an aerial so everything I watch is on demand and definitely do not demand reality nonsense.

With one exception…

The Amazing Race is a lot of fun! It is naff and edited in a way that makes it completely manipulated to tell the most interesting story it can as opposed to being an impartial show about teams racing around the world, but for me it doesn’t take away from my enjoyment. I can treat it as a guilty pleasure and just enjoy it.

I watched bits of the first couple of seasons when I was a kid and it aired in the UK on Sky but the show did well all around the world except here apparently so it wasn’t ever syndicated anywhere and I didn’t bother seeking it out.

I came back on board a couple of years ago when the theme of the seasons teams was Internet personalities and Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins from Rooster Teeth were one of the teams. I would hear Burnie talk about it on the RT Podcast weekly in the build up to the season airing and then week to week he would tell more in depth stories about the legs of the race.

I’ve been watching each season as it airs since then and while I don’t have a prior knowledge of the contestants I’ve enjoyed it each year.

Mostly I enjoy the travel aspect of the show I think. The challenges are always fun to watch but it’s seeing where they go that is most interesting for me. Anyone who watches the show with a friend or loved one I’m sure does what we used to do and believe they would be great on the race. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as much this time round watching it alone but thankfully I am.

A little bit of trash tv is okay for a few weeks out of the year I guess. I’m going to counter it by watching the first episode of HBO’s Chernobyl mini series now though. I’m sure that’ll be super cheery!

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