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Friends Reunited

I met up with Teesh this evening and Kayleigh, a friend of ours that neither of us had seen in years. I was trying to figure it and I’m pretty sure the last time the three of us hung out was about nine years ago. She’s fairly recently moved to Southampton and was eager to catch up with us.

It was really cool. Obviously a lot has changed with me in recent months but last time I caught up with Kay was before I’d even met Sara I think. She’d also gone through some major shit last year and so it was quite nice being able to relate on some level at least to the changes in our lives.

Teesh bought Titan along too and because that fluff ball is so damn adorable he quickly became the focus of everyone in the bar. He’s there for one evening and now has his picture on the wall! I’ve been going there regularly for years now and I don’t even have that… though that might also be a good thing.

I think we’re going to try and get a games night together soon as we’re all interested in doing that. Maybe we’ll just do it at a bar so it’s convenient for everyone, and then if people want to play some of the games that require a bit more space they can come over to mine for that.

It’s cool catching up with friends you haven’t seen in years and still getting on great. You also might find out about a lot of stuff that you’ve not been around for and may have been able to help someone through. If there’s anyone you’ve not seen in a while and are wondering how they are, reach out and ask! You never know, it might just be exactly what they need.

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